SEO Basics-5 Important Basic Concepts Of SEO-Beginner’s Guide For SEO Success

5 Important Basic Concepts Of SEO

What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization? Is the one of the highest searches itself on the search queries of Google. If you are working as a content creator or you own your personal webpage you should obviously know the 5 primary basics about SEO. They will help you to realise the process from the very root and get your personal contents on the top of the Search Engine Result Page or SERPs. Even if you are not well aware of this topic but you are feeling really interested and dedicated about creating SEO contents after reading this article, Congratulations! You are gifted with 15 more effective tips for writing similar contents.

*What is SEO?, Beginner’s Guide For SEO Success

SEO or search engine optimization is actually a process or a practice that improves the traffic of a website or a particular web page according to the search engines. That means SEO makes sure about the higher rank of a content or an article on Google when we search with the topics related to that article. For example if we search Pizza on Google it is likely that we will find the recipe,taste, ingredients or sources of this food at the top of the page. Now if you want people to find your ideas about pizza you have to take help from the SEO marketing policy that will help your article appear among the top suggestions on Google. Also people will easily find them and that will be viewed more widely as well. Simply SEO aims towards more eyeballs and more appreciation.

Specified it is honestly impossible to crack the exact algorithm through which Google shows off the results of a query but we can use some cruise that is what SEO leads us with. So many things such as keywords, heading, outreach, SERPs, websites links, various types of technical audits and sometimes word limits play as the important factors here.

**What is SEO content? SEO Basics

Is SEO content is nothing but a written, video, audio or an image content that is displayed on a particular web page. Blog posts, tutorials, case studies, articles, recipes, instructions are some of the examples of the written SEO contents. There are e-commerce sites as well that include product pages which also fall under the umbrella term “SEO content”. Besides lists and guides are two of the most popular searched contents on Google, such as 5 Tips to ace your next interview | TechGigΒ  or 17 Ways to Save Electricity at Home & Tips for Energy Conservation. They are all basically made with the idea of search engines in mind so that they can be relevant enough to be found on the very first page of the search engine result.

***Why is it important to make your article SEO friendly?

Now we will move forward to the importance of SEO. We all know that bigger audiences can improve our brand or any individual effort. Thus It is really very important to increase the visibility on Google and other social media. It is no doubt that social media platforms, blogging, video editing and online marketing have been irreplaceable sources of earnings for so many people. Generally we see that people go with the top three or top five options while choosing an article or tutorial or a product. SEO will make sure that your product ranks higher than the others and the consumers can easily access it. Also a better SEO score defines that your product be it a blog or an article or a marketing object is trustworthy to the people over there. Again which helps to increase the organic search engine traffic which results in more numbers of visitors to your website or page. So search engine optimisation is the most important trick if you want to grow and make more sales of your brand. Also it is one of the most searched topics on Google.

Simultaneously you must remember that you should not anyhow break search engine rules or try Black Hat SEO in the course of achieving more visibility and higher rank on the Search Engine Result Page. Or you may end up being punished or penalized.

****How to make it SEO friendly?

We will move on to the pathways how we can make an article or a content SEO friendly. Before being aware of the tricks and tools of search engine optimization we need to know about the main elements of it. There are a few elements mentioned below which deal with this process.

Keywords: The first and foremost element that it is likely to control the SEO technique is the keywords. The keywords actually refer to some specific terms and phrases that attract the potential consumers and help them to find their search options within your article. It is very significant to pick up the right keywords for a web page. You may need to search for the high volume keywords and high rated phrases relevant to the particular industry or area you are talking about on your webpage. Keywords words generally sum up the whole idea and ultimate goals of a content in brief. So when you are thinking of making your content SEO friendly you need to merge the keywords with the common search queries. Also some of the content creators make some common mistakes while targeting the keywords. They mistakenly use the over used and high competition keywords that are already tried by others widely. Those choices are more likely to be fruitless but if you use high volume but low competition keywords they generally ace your content. Also you need to keep in mind that you should not use too many keywords or the same keywords too many times. In that case Google may penalize you.

Headlines: Before you work on your content, you need to be concerned about the headline of your content as well. Your content may be relevant and good enough but in case your headline is not at all clear and trustworthy, your SEO sample may go wrong. The headlines should catch the eye promptly. This will help attract organic visitors on your web page. Again if you can specifically the enquiries in your headlines it will bring more clients. If you want to create SEO friendly headlines, at first you need to understand your target audience whom you are making contents for. Next, what you can do is to include numbers in your head lines such as “5 easy steps to write a SEO content” or “10 interesting headlines for your next article”. Numbers in headlines work like magic but you need to keep in mind that big numbers are not the identification of high quality content on the search queries. Rather people believe the less is more likely to fulfill their needs. Another essential point that you need to keep in mind is that you have to use some strong adjectives that can captivate the visitors. So you should not make the headline very long.

Content: content of your content comes up as the vital element. You need to be authentic and updated at the same point of time. If you want to pen down the best articles and come up on the first page of Google, you need to involve at least one thousand words including a convincing introduction that appears just after the headline of the sub headline. Last but not the least you may need to update the content according to the ongoing current affairs.

Page links: Website links are one of the basic building blocks of a web page. If you involve page links or website links in your content, they inform Google that you are sufficiently connected and aware of the things happening around you. Also this indicates that you actually value others ideas and creation. Moreover it helps to organise the information throughout the world and on the other hand it makes it easier for Google.

Visuals: before you hit the upload button you need to make sure that you have added visuals and charts in your container. Adding images and infographics makes the content more interesting and the clients are more likely to be attracted with the pages that include images or short videos. You can go for the Image Alt Text optimise your content and visuals.

*****SERP :

The most vital issue about SEO content is the Search Engine Result page or the SERP. It is nothing but the response from Google to the search queries of the users. In other words if you type something on Google SERP is the result which you get back with. In SEO content the result page is important because it is the ranking that defines if a content will show up on the first page or not. There are some paid results as well that are sponsored by several advertisers and sometimes via Google Ads. These results are more likely to surround other high ranked organic results at the very top of the result page. The rest are the organic search results that are determined by a complex algorithm and ranking process by Google. These organic results are mainly divided among three groups – navigation centre transaction best and information geared. Although this algorithm is a secret to everyone and it is not publicly shared among people, there are some key factors that are confirmed by Google itself. These key factors are speed of the page or the site loading speed, trust signals, backlinks, on-page SEO signals, brand presence page URL, headline, featured snippets and meta description. It has been seen that 12% of all SERPs have a Featured Snippet that are more likely to be related to tables, bulleted lists and FAQs. Answering the audiences’ questions makes your content more engaging and reliable. These are the major features and ideas about SERP that make a particular result pop up on your screen.

  • Additional free tips for creating SEO friendly contents –
  • Choose an authentic and proven issue to create your content about.
  • Write a longish content because Google is more likely to prefer longer contents.
  • Create an attractive but short headline that includes tail keywords and numbers.
  • Include high volume keywords to your very first paragraph of the content related to your topic.
  • Try to repeat your keywords at least three to six times.
  • If you need help you can search for specific words on Google Adwords or Google Trends.
  • Always be consistent and thorough throughout your content.
  • Try to link your content with your social media accounts and other networking sites and share them to get more views.
  • Never compromise with the readability of the content. Keep on improving the readability by updating formats, avoiding long paragraphs, passive voice and long sentences. Rather use highlighting.
  • Be clear about the three questions regarding the content – Who, what and why. That means who you want to reach with your content? Who are your target audiences? What is the information you want to share among people? Why are you sharing these particular concepts?
  • Do not ever make your content illogical and baseless in the course of making it longer.
  • Give an eye to your webpage speed. Many times a flawless content and much effort remain in vain if the speed of your page is slow. So make sure that your page displays results faster and smoother.
  • Never forget to upgrade and infuse visuals but do strictly check if the images have legal rights to use for other pages. Contents containing more visuals are more often visited as per the recent researches.
  • Format your articles and related contents based on the popular Featured Snippets because they just steal the traffic away.
  • Last but not the least stop copying from other websites. Rather do original research and work passionately.

So you have the basic idea about Search Engine Optimization and how it works on the internet. Now you can also easily make your future contents more relatable and valuable. Even if you are not interested in e-commerce or marketing, you can use these cool tips for your personal blogs or academic write ups. You will surely reach bigger audiences from now. Follow the steps and keep the ideas in mind but the best suggestion would be to write in your own style and master your projects!

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