CSS Introduction for Beginners

In this page explaining about css introduction, here mostly we have to discussย  about how to write comments inside css?, what is css?, what are the main advantagesย  for css?, How to CSS saving your Work?

CSS introduction
Before starting what do you known aboutย  HTML?, why should Youย  Known?
Beforeย  you starting css , you should have basic knowledge to understanding on HTML/ XHTML. It’sย  very important that you know window or Unix. Once if you have idea on the html thenย  you can go ahead very well in the css without getting any frustrate.

Read following you should be familiar with that or not.

  • You have idea of any text editor
  • you should have idea how to create files and directories
  • Understanding basic significance on internet browsing, for example: Internet Explore, Firefox, chrome etc.
  • Basic Idea to understanding on development webpages using xHTML or HTML

If you don’t have any idea over HTML then click here to study about.

what is css?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, It was developed in 1997 especially for web designers,ย  Who maintained through group of the people with in the w3c called the css working group. This group started to createย  documents, its called as specification. when specification considered and then officially ratified by W3C members, after few years they haven’t control the actual implementation of the language. Independent companies and organization create that software. Finally they have fulfilled.
Now we go main topic of introduction-ย  in html 4.0 theyย  have moved css in separete document with the name of css file and linked up to html as well for designing. Even all formats also could be removed from the HTML document.

CSS determines HTML elements How to display. External style sheets would be save your additional time from your work. It (External style sheets) is more better than inline CSS. It (External style sheets)ย  is storedย  in css files
CSS manage the look and feel any part of the page. Using css propertiesย  you can control the color of the background, text, style, spacing, padding, margin,ย  image background etc. or simply usingย  this you can change every single elements style as you like.ย  CSS handle all variety of other effects in webpage.

Advantages of CSS:

Save Your Work Time:

When we create html document, we definesย  separate set attributes value in each elements. Just here you have to write one css style sheet enough, same CSS style sheet you canย  apply multiple HTML pages. For this you can consume very less time.ย  So in this way css works as a great for web designing.

Global Change:

Html attributes reprobate to use , so they are recommending to use CSS. Using CSS make it compatible futureย  browser. So its good idea toย  start CSS in all the web pages.

Easy Update/Maintain:

External Style Sheet maintain very easy update and you can edit any elements properties and values without getting any struggle. Just one time changing CSS values/elementsย  will reflect to entire all the web pages as well. In this way it is very easier.

Pages Load Faster:

Probably you can consider when the web page has with style sheet then it becomes little faster loadingย  than before what it contain HTML attributes.

Types of CSS writing:

Basically we can write CSS in 3 way.
1.ย ย  ย Inline Element Writing
2.ย ย  ย Internal Style Writing
3.ย ย  ย External Style Writing
Inline Element: This CSS works only to that element.
Internal Style: This CSS work only to thatย  specific page.
External Style: It works all the web pages, this external file name comes .css extension with separateย  CSS folder. This is much easierย  to edit,ย  just one page editingย  it reflect entire webpages.

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