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Free Rigs 3ds Max

Free Rigs 3ds Max

Free rigs 3ds max – Free delivery of 3ds max rigs from our site. There are many great free 3ds max rigs available here, It has modeling, flexible architecture, 3d max rigs can be used on the Microsoft windows platform also. It is mostly used in 3d video, game developing, TV channels studios. Whatever we have rigged character those are taken from different free source, just use those character for your personal use only, if you want to use as commercial then you have to take permission from respective users. This free rigs 3ds max character can be rigged with custom skeleton using 3d max bones, IK solvers and rigging tools, here some of character includes expression, list controllers, scripts and wiring. So animator see only the the US what needed to get their character animated. Free rigs 3ds max just gives you to make good animation in your practice project.

Free Rigs 3ds Max
Free Rigs 3ds Max, Source: cgriver.com

Full body human model ready to animate, this character has rigged only to body not included mouth and Eyes geometries (like morph vertex maps not in that character), just download this amazing free rigs 3ds max character here.


This character has done rigging with 3ds max biped and also used skin modifier for more flexing to rigging.


It is ready to load .bip motions or any emotion mocap.


It has high resolution normal texture (2048×2048 px), and also includes with diffuse, specular .


3DS Max Standard material, V-Ray and Mental ray also.




It has .max format with 3DS max 2010 or above.


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