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No Copyright Money Falling Green Screen | Indian Money Falling Animation Video Footage

Money is an essential part of life. Thus the use of notes and coin motifs in videos has now become very popular among video content creators. Here is footage of Indian money falling with a double-screen effect that is absolutely magnificent and tempting for every creator out there. This animation has no copyright issue and it is available on our website AllDesignCreative for free. So you can get it downloaded from there and reuse it in any personal or commercial video project without any hesitation. Here you can see plenty of five hundred and two thousand rupee notes falling down on a black screen background in the first half of the video and the second half shows the same picture on a loop but with a green screen background. The notes are exactly like real and the loop effect creates an amazing impact on the eyes. They seem to be falling seamlessly and getting piled up on the ground. If you are making a business project or an economical presentation, this footage will serve your purpose perfectly. You can even edit the background as per your wish and replace it with some other photos or any solid color background. You can also add some catchy music to this video to make it more attractive for your audience. This animation lasts for two minutes and fifty-three seconds but you can crop it or run it however long you want to. Last but not the least, you can avail this Indian money-falling background footage in 1920×1080p full HD resolution and that is also for free. So you must not let this fabulous deal go away. If you like this animation, you can visit our YouTube channel under the same name and there you will get similar animations and graphics that you may find helpful. So if you want to keep yourself updated with the new videos and uploads please subscribe to our channel and support us with likes and shares.

Name of Video: No copyright money falling green screen | indian money falling animation video footage
Resolution: 1920x1080p
File Size: 45.1 MB
Files source: AllDesignCreative
Clip Format: QuickTime, Movies & TV and AVI
Length: 00:02:52
Alpha Channel: No
Looped Video: No
License: Free to use for private/commercial
Video Design By: V. Sudharsan

Type of File: MP4 File (.mp4)
Frame Rate: 29 frame/second
Complete Licensing Information: Standard Licence (i)
Author Channel:

About Author Sudharsan

I am chief editor of, a designer, developer and animator. I Have spent most of the time to create designs and animations includes visual effects. I love so much to create all type of designing and have excellent knowledge in all kind of design roots.

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