Peacock Feather Background Video

This is best premium design of peacock feather background video effect for your next making any kind of projects well and you never seen this kind of peacock feather background video in web search, first time we are only bringing this kind of innovative style of the feather background effect for your any personal and for commercial projects well. If you consider video animation, there are two thousand peacock feather used for this video making and all are starts in the center of the stage and moves in all the sides randomly with different sizes as well. This video background especially created for title presentation in the starting of the projects or end of the projects well, even you can place any album photos or images in the center of the video background and then if you consider overall the looks it becomes like a frame of the album as well.

Peacock Feather Background Video

Name of Video: Peacock feather background video
Resolution: 1920x1080p
File Size: 174 MB
Files source: AllDesignCreative
Clip Format: QuickTime, Movies & TV and AVI
Type of File: MP4 File (.mp4)
Frame Rate: 29 frame/second
Length: 00:02:10
Alpha Channel: No
Looped Video: No

Licence: Free to use for private/commercial
Video Design By: Sudharsan
Complete Licensing Information:Standard Licence (i)
Author Channel:

About Author Sudharsan

I am chief editor of, a designer, developer and animator. I Have spent most of the time to create designs and animations includes visual effects. I love so much to create all type of designing and have excellent knowledge in all kind of design roots.

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