Chocolate Text Effect PSD File Free Download

Download chocolate text effect psd file as free, this is very excellent text effect, especially  for any chocolate covers designs it is very suitable effect, by using same tricks you can use to design even background also, this tricks or technique works very great, this text effect not only design for chocolate effect but also you can use all kind of designs, make sure blending option values depends on size of the font size, if the font size is very big then probably you can increase the value in blending mode  effect options as well. This type of effect first time providing all design creative only, just download this psd file and enjoy. Here if you in the background i have designed chocolate effect lines in top and bottom. for that effect to create just make one of empty layer and go to chocolate effect of text layer and copy layer style and select empty created layer and paste layer style and draw on the stage then probably you can get same effect on the background as shown by.


Chocolate Text Effect

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