Best of the Best FREE Magazine and News Joomla Templates 2015

Who is going to build a neat and unique magazine news or website, then you should choose better one for the future template theme. Don’t miss any best theme, search all the themes and choose better from these. Here in this post I am going to post best one for the any magazine and medical information sites, even you can use this theme for all like sports, entertainment, travel, artist, life and style, health, technology etc. this theme suitable all kind of information displaying, mostly it is fit for magazine news  information. In this theme every post you can arrange where do you want display, easily you can display all category in menu bar, just watch demo you will get some of the information, what type of feature does it has.

It has many features like filter tag cloud but it will support in the version 3.0 only, developed with bootstrap and T3 frame work. It is support 2.5 and even 3.0 also, any default joomla page also supported. There is beautiful mega menu, support multiple  layouts you can divide and can change different layout. It is support K2 component and also support RTL language

And also support JA extension like JA Newspro module, JA Newsfeatured module, JA Twitter module, JA Popup plugin, JA Newsticker module, JA Thumbnail plugin, JA Facebook like box module, T3 Framework plugin,  JA Extensions Manager Component, JA Bulletin module, JA Disqus Debate Echo plugin, JA Tabs plugin and also support third part extension like K2 component. This is the best of the best FREE magazine and news Joomla Templates 2015. Download the Theme below.


Best of the Best FREE Magazine and News Joomla Templates 2015


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