Basic HTML Web Page with Example Coding

HTML Basic Tags:

Html is very simple language. It has ordinary text and command that are closed by between ”<” and “>” character. You don’t need more knowledge to create HTML webpage, just if you learn basic idea that is enough, because any other webpage you can get HTML page, by using that page you can develop your page well without any more risk, Even you can copy HTML code from other page and use it in your page. it can look daunting sometime if you not touch or done any coding before. Now there are many software for typing code in that, that is called as text or code editor software, by using those software can create webpage as flawless, the reason is those software already inbuilt with coding inside so that those software can give better idea to learning easy for beginners. For example you can take a Adobe Dreamweaver. Now a days Html is very useful for anyone who is using internet, learning html basic may take very less time to compare other any coding.

To create a simple webpage, first step you need to learn a few main HTML tags.

All the HTML documents must start with declaration, that is present version using DOCTYPE tag, this tag actually is a Document Type Definition, simply called as “DTD”. This DTD specifies the grammatical structure of the page or syntax. Generally DTP used by SGML application including HTML.

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