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HTML Elements:

Most HTML elements are written with “start tag” and “end tag” between the content. Its denotes surrounding by angle bracket. Where the elements name is premised by forward slash that is end closing tag.

For example end tag closing refer </elements> and some the elements if we consider those elements don’t need any closing tag such as image elements. These are called as void elements. HTML composed a tree of HTML elements and nodes, here for example nodes we take “Text Node”. Each elements have HTML attributes. Each elements contain text, content and including other elements. Each elements represent what does it.

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For example paragraph, the elements is everything from the start tag to the end tag.

<p> My First Story Paragraph</p>

Here it is represent the paragraph of the document.

Nest HTML Tags: Easy way understanding HTML pages will disclose you that you should nest all your html tags as properly. A nest tag is simply is any tag or elements that is surrounding by another any elements, for instance just see the below one…

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>My First Story Heading</h1>
<p>My first Story paragraph.</p>


Example Brief Explain HTML:

Html Elements represent the whole document, generally it starts tag <html> and end tag is </html>.

The elements content is another element that is body elements <body>



<h1>My First Story Heading</h1>

<p>My First Story paragraph.</p>



In above example body is denotes the document of the body, it has start tag with <body> and end tag with </body>. And if you consider above example coding, the elements content there is two other html elements, that is <h1>, <p>.

Simply those are following


<h1> my first story Heading</h1>

<p>My First Story Paragraph</p>


H1 elements determine a heading, it has start tag <h1> and end tag is </h1> and here element content if you above example, that goes to ” My first Story heading”. Same as well <p> elements determine a paragraph, it has start with <p> tag and end with </p> tag. Here from example coding the elements content is “My First Story paragraph.


Don’t forget to use end tag for example:



<p>This is a paragraph

<p>This is a paragraph



Above example there is no proper closing tag for the elements, even though it will support all browsers well, because the closing tag is considered only optional. It might bring on unexpected results and errors if you forget to closing the end tag.

All elements I tried to show here, just see the whole document elements following below web collections.













































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