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APPLE CLIPS for Android & IOS:

Apple Clips is video editing software for Android, released by Apple App store in 2017. It is available only on iOS and no other operating system. Apple Inc has described it as the one app which simultaneously makes and shares short videos along with filters, effects, graphics and texts. It is free for all Apple users although you cannot rely on it for bigger and professional projects. Apple Clips app is much more effective for fun videos and social media uploads.

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Process of Apple Clips/Clips App:

Apple Clips allows you to record new videos and create edited clips which means you can either choose the photos or the videos from your gallery or you can just record it using your phone camera. The default video source of the application is the selfie camera. That is why you will find your own face every time, whenever you start this application. There is a project timeline which saves your contents after they get edited before uploading on social media. You can make both Portrait and Landscape videos using this software. Also you can add background audio to the video files. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you should not exceed the time limit of five minutes to twenty minutes as the system can crash while handling big files.

Tools of Apple Clips or Clips App:

Easy to use Interface – Apple Clips has a simple streamlined interface that helps you to shoot and edit a clip and add to the timeline automatically. On the contrary the automation system in the interface sometimes feels problematic as it adds the same filters to all the clips of your video that seems improper at times.
Live Titles – The most impressive feature in Apple Clips is its automatic way of captioning your video clips. The live title feature adds captions to your videos automatically. Also if you record a voice, this app converts it into the text and adds it as the title of the video. Although it does not include punctuation and emphasis, the voice to text transcription works with no such hustle. Besides, there are some pre-set styles which you can use by modifying the colour, size and font.
Filters and Stickers – Apple Clips has been immensely popular for its wide range of filters and stickers. There are attractive filters like watercolor and noir, vivid and comic book, dramatic and monochrome and many more. Also there are numberless emojis and stickers that are very easy to paste on the video clips. Although you cannot edit or manage the contrast and brightness after adding filters or stickers, the automatic selection creates the best for Instagram reels or Facebook stories.
Selfie Scenes – Another unique feature in Apple Clips is the selfie reels. As the default source of this app is the selfie camera, you can record your own videos using your front camera easily. After that the app automatically adds animated filters or backgrounds to it. You will have plenty of options to choose from and add as your background scene.
Audio editing – You can add background music to your video clips in this application but the options are very limited. You can either remove the original sound of the clip or add an audio track from your phone library. You can obviously control the volume of the background music but cannot anyway mix up with multiple audio tracks in Apple Clips.
Import and Export – You can import files that are saved in the gallery of your iPhone or iPad or enclosed in messages and emails. The exported files will be saved to the location you choose in your iPad or iPhone. Also you can directly upload the exported files to the social media platforms or send via mails or messages.
Pricing: Apple Clips is strictly an iOS exclusive app. Thus you cannot use it on any other devices but if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can download it for free and use it boundlessly.
Apple Clips is surely a good option for the macOS users as it is very easy to learn and the features work quite smoothly on the device. Besides, it is a free application for them. On the other hand it lacks so many basic editing functions that make the application unprofessional and not at all project oriented. As compared to Apple Clips, iMovie is much more advanced and effective for the Apple users. However if you have an iPhone, iPad or an iPod touch, you must try Apple Clips for your fun moments and social media stories.

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