Videopad Video Editor Tutorial for Beginners

Videopad Video Editor Tutorial:

VideoPad is another superb video editing software that is operated on Windows, Mac OS, Androids, and iOS. It was developed by NCH software in 2008. This video editing software is available in eight languages that include English German French Spanish Italian Korean Russian and Japanese. This software is available in both free and paid versions. It has been loved among video editors because of its wide range of supporting formats and high-quality video products. Also, the simple interface and attractive visual effects are the perks of this application. There are a few constraints if you use the free version but just by paying a few dollars you can have exciting outputs of your files with the paid version. So many people choose this video editing software as it engages very little space in your devices. Also if you have any problem while editing you can report it to NCH and they will solve it for you.

Process of Videopad Video Editor:

VideoPad is available for mobiles users as well where some of the core functionalities data are available on desktops also. Here you can upload and share videos directly after exporting them in multiple resolutions. On VideoPad you have a smooth interface that has a toolbar along with media file bins. You can preview here your edits and the sequence of your clippings before saving the final product. After you select a particular media from your device you can add appropriate edits to it. There is an on-spot recorder that will allow you to record video using this software. Also, there are options for adding takes for voices to your video files. Moreover, you can split crop mix swap drag, and rotate your video projects even after applying visual effects to them. When you are done with your editing you can say when export your movie e to your file manager or you can directly upload them on social media.

VideoPad Video Editing Software | Tutorial – Part 1 By NCH Software

VideoPad Video Editing Software | Tutorial – Part 2 By NCH Software

Tools of Videopad Video Editor:

Video Effects and Transitions – VideoPad video editing software has beautiful visual effects and transitions in its library that can enhance your video project. Also, you can customize new transitions. The good news is that you can even change the duration of the transitions. The effects and transitions that you create and customize by yourself can be used in your future projects.
Video Optimization – Another exciting feature that you can avail in this video editing software is the optimization tool. It allows you to improve the video quality and eliminate camera shakes. Besides the plugin support in the videopad helps to enhance the sharpness of the images along with cartoon rendering. Video optimization features also include speed controlling, color tuning, and special effects.
Audio Tools – Just like any other video editing software VideoPad is available with various types of audio tools that can be used to recreate and modify background scores by cutting and mixing soundtracks. Besides you can use voice-over in video clipping using this tool. In fact, you can experiment with the soundtracks as well and that means you can fade it out or fade it in as per your choice. Again the text to speech feature makes this application exciting.
Exciting Effects – VideoPad video editing software includes a rich library for visual effects and animations along with different types of transitions. You can change the frame of your video clipping by panning and zooming or applying and adjusting the hue, exposure, and the saturation of the images. Although the visual effects and transitions are quite basic, you can still add motion blur or long exposure to your videos. The reprogram filters in this video editing software include “old film”, “night vision”, “Sepia”, “X-ray”, “black and white” and many more.
Green Screen – VideoPad has Chroma key programming that allows the user to film footage in front of a green or blue screen as a background. This feature is really great if you want to replace the background screening of the object or the people in your video with a foreign space. Besides this feature allows you to convert the 2D format into 3D. Apart from all these features, VideoPad video editing software is also compatible with 360-degree footage tools.
Easy Sharing – The sharing options for VideoPad are very easy and simple. It is considered to be one of the ideal video editing software that can directly publish videos to YouTube or any other social media such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, and Flickr. Also, you can upload it later after saving the video to your device.
Import and Export – You can import files to VideoPad by clicking on the tab called “add files” on its main interface. You can select files from your device or any external SD card. After getting your files edited you can get back to the main menu on the interface and export the video file by selecting the output destination in your device. You need to define the file type before you get the video project saved to your personal computer then you need to click the “Create” option to export the final project.
Pricing Videopad Video Editor: NCH advertises the free version of this video editing software that is appropriate for primary level and non-commercial projects. It can work as a trial before you use the licensed version. The paid version will cost you one time $69.95 or $2.77 per month and it will provide unlimited edits along with numberless audiovisual effects. Apart from this, there is a master edition that will cost around $99.
Overall VideoPad video editing software will be the best option for any video editor out there including freelancers, professionals, and businessmen who are comfortable with a simple interface. Though the free version is sometimes very annoying with random notifications and advertisements, it is also very helpful for the newbies who are just starting their careers with video editing. They can easily learn and boost their creativity while using this video editing software. It may seem disappointing that the Windows version has more features than the Mac version of videopad but it is also good news for those who have no access to Mac OS. Last but not the least, you need to be very careful while subtitling your works using the speech-to-text tool because it often works poorly. Considering all features of the VideoPad video editing application, one must say that the clean and straightforward multi-platform of this software at such an affordable price is no doubt a must-try.

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VideoPad Video Editor

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