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AVIDEMUX Software :

Avidemux software tutorials for beginners, Avidemux is another example of free as well as open-source software that can be run on Windows, OS X, Linux and BSD. It can edit and transcode multiple files with its excellent graphic interface and other powerful features. The most fascinating thing about this editor is that it is available on Androids also. This video editing software is available in four languages including English. The recent version 2.7.6 has been released in 2020 and now it has got a General Public License.

Process of Avidemux:

Avidemux can edit videos by adding filters and audios like most other video editing applications. It transcodes the edited videos in multiple formats. Your projects along with all its preferences get safely saved in one single project file that makes it user-friendly for the next edit. You can even compress videos and reduce noise. As it does not have a modern-day interface, it makes it easily accessible for beginners without much complexity. Though Avidemux is not that suitable for bigger projects, you can use it for personal clips and small movies to ace Instagram or Facebook.

Avidemux Software: Quick & Easy Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners by Chipper Videos

Editing video with Avidemux By Esda Animasi

Tools of Avidemux:

Easy Interface – As this video editing software has no modern interface it is very friendly for beginners. There are no multiple tracks rather the interface is clean and easily accessible. There is a common menu that switches to the tools like filters, noise reduction, footage and markers. Besides you can cut and crop background audio or music with the edited video clip.
Automation – There is a feature in Avidemux that is called the Joblist. It allows us to work on various projects at a time. Also the automated process of editing and processing helps to edit bulk videos simultaneously.
Multithreading – Multithreading in encoding and decoding is another perk of Avidemux. It can encode both MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 along with MPEG-4. It is the same with decoding as well.
Quick edits and Cuts – Avidemux is the best if you want to do some quick edits with your video clips. You can cut and crop your files easily while adding transitions to them. Also the latest update includes smoother zooming and resizing tools as well.
Easy audio and noise reduction – You can add up to four audio tracks to your video files and fix the configuration differently. The noise reduction tool in Avidemux filters the perfect background score for your clips.
Import and Export – The most impressive tool in Avidemux is its export options with its array. With this feature, you can have total control over your audio and video files. It is really very helpful for the expert videographers and the newbies as well. Besides you can import several types of files such as 3GP, MPEG, DVD, AVI, MP4, MP3, JPEG and many more. Last but not the least you can convert your video and audio files using this application.

Pricing of Avidemux:

Avidemux is available with its free version. You can install and use it to edit your videos with no expenses whenever you want.
Overall Avidemux is a good option for free editing if you want a super easy and clear interface with noise reduction, decent filters and smart encoding. At the same time you have to deal with the problems of no timeline views and no creative effects, if you use this video editing software. Freelancers and new learners are the best consumers of this application.

Download Avidemux Beginner Tutorial PDF

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Avidemux Software

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