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In the middle of 2012, Pinnacle studio was released by Pinnacle system and updated later upto version 24 till 2020. This video editing software is operated on Windows and iOS. Besides two other versions are available for Pinnacle Studio for iPhone and iPad. Every version of pinnacle has been better than before and presently this FAST Multimedia based application has become one of the powerful video editing softwares for both documentaries and pinnacle studio tutorials for beginners.

Process of Pinnacle Studio:

The editing process in Pinnacle studio may seem a little critical but the professional level output will make you forget about the hazardous effort. You have to deal with the mask and interface in Pinnacle Studio to enhance keyframing of your footage. The pro caliber tools will work on colour grading and audio tuning individually for each video or music file. The final product can be shared to any popular format on social media.

Pinnacle Studio 21 – Full Tutorial for Beginners by bai

Pinnacle Studio 21 Ultimate | Basic Editing Beginners Tutorial by PinnacleStudioPro

Tools of Pinnacle Studio:

Exclusive colour grading –

There are some next level colour tools in Pinnacle Studio, such as Tone curves, Colour wheel, HSL tuning, white balance, LUT profile, vectorscope and many more. These advanced mechanisms make your video truly cinematic.

Video masking –

All of us know that working on the video masking makes the edit more powerful. Pinnacle Studio allows you to blur background, brighten faces, edit targeted areas for each individual keyframe to make every character and component important.

Motion and Action –

Firstly the video stabilizing tool in Pinnacle Studio is better than anything. Besides motion tracking, stop motion tools help to capture the best view of a moving object and you can add animation or text to your video with mosaic blur. once learn basic tricks then can edit anything easily watch above YouTube embed pinnacle studio tutorials for beginners.

Screen recording and multicam of Pinnacle Studio –

Again you can snap and edit your video files with multiple cameras and record the screen or webcam if it is needed. Not only your personal footage but also tutorials and webinars can be recorded by Pinnacle Studio. The extra advantage comes with the system to produce gaming videos in this software.

Mastering Audio –

Pinnacle is the optimum platform to master over your audio files within a video. It fades an audio in or out, separates or mixes multiple audios, gives access to royalty free music and sound effects, records voiceover and automatically balances the audios with audio ducking technology.

Import and Export –

Pinnacle Studio offers you a rich stock of royalty free background music that you can import and use in your video file. Next you can share the complete product very easily to any audience in any kind of popular format or you can save files to your personal author DVD.

Pricing of Pinnacle Studio:

The free trial of Pinnacle Studio does not allow you to edit every workspace for the new users. The original and full version of the studio costs $49.95. Pinnacle Studio plus costs $79.95 and the Studio Ultimate costs $99.95 that contains all powerful features in it.

Compared to other video editing softwares, Pinnacle Studio is one of the smartest and most creative one that supports every possible editing tool and comes within a reasonable price with the ultimate performance. So if you want to create cinematic footage without Apple devices, Pinnacle Studio can be a wise option for your Windows except from the Adobe based applications. If you have any doubt regarding video editing then just go ahead with free download pinnacle studio tutorial pdf format and read all the instruction and start your own editing as well.

Download Pinnacle Studio Complete Tutorials in .pdf format

Download Pinnacle Studio PDF

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