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Camtasia Video Editing Tutorials for Beginners-Camtasia Tutorial PDF

Camtasia Video Editing Tutorials for Beginners:

Camtasia, one of the finest video editing software, that is launched by TechSmith. It is used for making different types of presentations, tutorial videos and multimedia recordings. Initially, it was released in the year of 2002 on Windows and macOS as operating systems. Even Camtasia Video Editing is very easy and following a few of videos added for the idea of how to edit the Camtasia Studio as well. and end of the article can find the pdf format Camtasia tutorial well.

Camtasia Studio – Tutorial for Beginners in 13 MINUTES by bai

Camtasia 2019: Full Tutorial for Beginners in ONLY 18 Minutes by Eduard Stinga

Camtasia 9: How To Edit a Video (Full In Depth Tutorial) by Essetino Artists

Above all tutorials are the best for the camtasia video editing  for beginners, if you are very new in the software, just watch embed video and then start your own editing videos and enjoy with your creative presentation or projects as well.

Process of Camtasia Studio:

Camtasia is the best for direct screen presentation or screen recording purpose, thus it is unparalleled in case you want to make how-to videos, meeting recordings, webinar recordings, tutorials, instructional or explainer videos. At first you have to pick up a recording from your computer, add necessary effects, transitions and texts and then you can directly share the video to YouTube, Screencast, Vimeo or other online platforms.

Tools of Camtasia Studio:

Templates – There are some built in video templates that can be used for editing in a little span of time. You can make custom templates of your own for using them later. Besides there is a tool to replace the background and fix the green screen.

Favourites and Presents – The templates and tools that you frequently use are marked as favourites for future use to reduce your time in editing.

Library – Camtasia has some pre-built assets such as background music, annotations, transitions, animations, themes, device frames and shortcuts that are royalty free and can be used for professional polish.

Screen recording – Through this software, you can record anything you want on your computer screen. Camtasia is able to record video calls or power-point presentations with specific dimensions and regions from the entire screen to an application.

Audio recording – You can record external audio with a mic using a microphone or import audio clips for editing your video. You can add those sound effects to your video footages.

Web-cam capture – If you want to enhance your footage with some personal touch, there is an option of recording small videos from the webcam and adding them straight to the edited video.

Simplified editing features – Camtasia gives the access to super easy drag and drop method for removing and adding, trimming and pasting for editing. There are options for reducing external noise, fixing the audio and moreover you can magnify, highlight, pan animate, zoom out or zoom in your footages before getting organised for the final production.

Interactivity – Here you go with a few interactive quizzes and tutorials that will obviously encourage your creativity and knowledge about editing.

Export – After getting done with the final editing , you can instantly either export the video to your file or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Screencast.

Price of Camtasia Studio:

Camtasia has a free trial including a 30 day full money back policy that can be unsubscribed at any time. For the first time, when you make one time purchase for Camtasia, the annual maintenance for one year will be included with the package. Thereafter you have to pay $ 249.99 each year. In case you are going for 5-9 subscriptions at a time it will be $239.99 and in case of 10-14, it will be $232.99.

Thus, in spite of being a high price software, Camtasia demands the cost with all its e-learning tools and video editing systems in comparison to the other video editing softwares.

Download Camtasia Video Editing Tutorials for Beginners in PDF Format:

Camtasia Tutorial pdf

Website: http://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html

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