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VSDC is again a non-linear video editing software developed by Multilab LLC. It was first released in 2011 and available in nine languages. At present it is available in version six till September, 2020. It is operated on Windows only but the video files that are recorded on mobile devices or cameras, are supported by the editing platform. It can be used for all types of video editing tasks with high quality streaming.

Process of VSDC or Videosoftdev:

VSDC is loaded with all basic features for editing videos online. You can cut, split, merge, trim, rotate or resize your footage and paint your objects using the mask mode to produce beautiful video as a final product. All popular audio or video formats can be edited in this software very easily. Here we are attaching a few popular beginners tutorial of VSDC or Videosoftdev. Watch all three videos to get a better understanding as well.

VSDC Video Editor Tutorial 2018 – FREE Video Editor By Teacher’s Tech

VSDC FREE Video Editor: Beginner Editing Guide & Tutorial By Steven Van

VSDC Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINUTES! By Bai

Tools of VSDC or Videosoftdev:

Masking –

VSDC masking mode allows the user to create an individual mask for each object and background with which you can hide, highlight or blur certain components within a clip. You can edit both inside or outside of the masked area to get rid of unwanted patches or hazy look.

Audio visual effects –

Users can apply extra visual or audio effects while editing your video. Available visual effects are categorised into four varieties – colour correction, object transformation, transitions and filters with special FX.

Nonlinear workspace –

Like most other video editing software, VSDC allows footages to come one after another in a proper and linear sequence. This keeps all objects and tools in an order otherwise the position would be changing haphazardly every time after using it.

Motion Tracking –

The motion tracking helps to track movements of the objects within a video and lets them follow a proper trajectory so that they can be placed with the appropriate masks. Again you can add elements like titles, captions, images, icons or stickers wherever you want in the video.

Blending mode –

VSDC offers insta-like filters to the new users that can change the whole look of your video. You can even attach your unique style manually using the wide array of blending mode parameters.

Export and import –

You can import filters from the software itself and you can export the video files in suitable formats to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. The H265/HEVC codec allows you to export files in 4k and HD quality. You can even create your own library to save your collection to access them later for further use.


VSDC is available with the free version. The best thing about its free version is that it does not contain any watermark or barrier to edit your videos. Even the free version lets you use almost every editing tool and export the video with the best quality. The pro version of this software costs around $19.99 which is comparatively and significantly cheaper than any other professional video editing software. The subscription is valid for one year only.

So if your budget is low and you want to make cinematic videos, you must try VSDC for once as it contains loaded features. Also it is less expensive than most other video editing softwares available in the market. Though sometimes the preview window may lag after long use, that does not affect the final production ever.

we are attaching the Videosoftdev or VSDC Beginner Tutorial pdf file to get more understanding about this software. Just download this Videosoftdev or VSDC pdf file from the following link.

Download Videosoftdev or VSDC Beginner Tutorial pdf

VSDC/Videosoftdev pdf

Download VSDC or Videosoftdev Beginner Free Version Here

Videosoftdev or VSDC Software

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