Davinci Resolve Beginner Tutorial-Davinci Resolve Beginner Tutorial pdf Download

DaVinci Resolve is basically a non linear and colour correction video editing application that operates on Windows, macOS and Linux. It was released in 2004 for the first time and upgraded up to version 26 till 2020 September. This video editing software is available in four languages including two Asian languages Japanese and Chinese. The current edition of DaVinci Resolve contains machine learning tools and interoperable functionality. This davinci resolve is perfect for beginners and also attaching most popular youtube embed videos to learn as well.

Process of Davinci Resolve :

You can edit a video by adding visual effects , correcting colour flaws, rectify motion graphics and finally produce a final product in DaVinci Resolve all together. The best thing about this software is that you do not need to learn multiple app functions or critical interweb actions for editing videos through this application and it provides an editor keyboard that makes your work easier than ever. Moreover there are some training videos to guide before you start editing.

DaVinci Resolve 16: Crash Course for Beginners by Jason Yadlovski

How to Use DaVinci Resolve 17 – Designed for Beginners By Teacher’s Tech

Tools of Davinci Resolve :

Cut –

The cut page in DaVinci Resolve is perfect for portable editing and synchronized events. The interface and streamline is designed specially for high speed editing and fast review. Source tape, multicam and dual timelines allow you to edit multiple clips simultaneously in a proper organised way.

Fusion –

The fusion tool offers visual effects and animation with high quality motion graphics that produce both 2D and 3D videos at the end of editing. Moreover the rotoscope, 3D camera, planer and point broadcast video footage better than any other software.


Fairlight –

The Fairlight page in this software lets you master over audio mixing even after final production. Fairlight audio core works like a real digital audio workstation and offers advanced options such as noise remover, adding Foley, de-esser and ADR.


Colour corrector –

The colour correction tools in DaVinci Resolve is so good that it has become Hollywood’s favourite option for enhancing the colour wheel of a particular footage. The primary control slider will make you familiar with the basic colour correction features like contrast, mid-tone, saturation, vignette and temperature. Secondary colour grading tools include HDR enhancing, tracker and qualifier.

Post production Collaboration –

DaVinci gives opportunity to work on a particular project with other mates. Each editor gets individual workspace and the multi user database and universal timeline can collaborate with animators, sound engineers, visual artists and marketing persons while editing a video.

Import and export –

Same as the Cut page, you have to navigate to your folder for importing files and go to the toolbar and click export project to save your files. It is better to export new files to new folders every time.

Pricing of DaVinci Resolve:

Similar to any other video editing software, DaVinci Resolve offers both free and paid versions for the users. The paid version costs one time $299 only with a lifetime upgradation opportunity. You can purchase it from the application website or you can buy it from the Amazon app also.

Overall DaVinci Resolve can be considered all in one solution for editing and creating visual magic that combines colour correction, audio mastering, motion graphics and multi-user collaboration on social media.

Download Davinci Resolve Beginner Tutorial pdf Download

Davinci Resolve pdf

Download Davinci Resolve Software Trial Version Here

Davinci Resolve


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