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Hitfilm Express is one of the best free video editing softwares till now that can offer almost the same of a paid software application. Those who do not have the friendly wallet to pay high charges, can easily try this one. The latest version of the software can be operated on both macOS and Windows but the only language that is offered by this software is English. This may seem backward compared to other softwares but the tutorials and menu make it easy.

Process of Hitfilm Express:

Hitfilm Express is equally popular among gamers, film makers, YouTubers and even beginners. Here are professional editor tools like built in voice recorder, around 400 effects, background music and transitions including free tutorials. You can edit and publish your works on social media through this software like others. In the next level, you can create 3D Sci-Fi productions which stand out to be incomparable with other free softwares or apps.

HitFilm Express 2020: Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners in ONLY 17 Minutes By Eduard Stinga

HitFilm Express – Tutorial for Beginners in 11 MINUTES! by bai

HitFilm Express 12 For Absolute Beginners Tutorial by Surfaced Studio

Tools of Hitfilm Express:

Speedy performance –

HitFilm’s system is enriched with multi-core processor and GPU acceleration. It has a unique compositor and sequence that speed up the playback performance without any kind of interruption.

All format support system –

If you level up to the pro version of HitFilm Express, you will find no such media that does not get supported by it. Any kind file including 3D, 8K video, high-end projects are all supported by this software and get edited smoothly.

VFX toolkit –

The customizable effects that Hitfilm Express offers to the users,are unparalleled and countless in number. There are around 800+ presets that are ready to use as motion graphic tools. You can easily create 3D models and space with its technology.

Chroma Key –

You will get the world’s best chroma key in this software that offers you full control over each detail and colour correction. You can thus create any environment effortlessly by extracting objects and applying matte cleaner to give it a feathery finishing touch.

3D Gunfire –

When you work on an action movie or video game, you can easily drop and drag the muzzle flashes onto a weapon to make it more realistic by using the 3D Gunfire technology.

Neon Path –

The rare tool that HitFilm Express offers you,is the neon path technology, which helps you to shape and design layers with flickering neon-signs and laser beams around a particular object of text.

Voice recorder –

Just by clicking a single button you can record voice or commentary while editing on Hitfilm Express. The recorded sound automatically gets added to the stack of audio effects.

Import and Export –

In the very beginning, we have discussed that every kind of file is supported by Hitfilm Express. So you can import any image or camera data or audio or voice record or even project files here. The export process will be the same as well. At the end, you can save your files and upload anywhere you want to.


HitFilm 3 Express is forever free software for video editing but HitFilm pro will cost $299,which differs according to the place and features it offers to the users.

Overall HitFilm Express is one of the most powerful video editing softwares that is equally quick and simple. Even the free version of it gives exciting features and if you want to go for the pro version, you have to pay only once for lifetime access to all the tools including the new upgradations.

Download Hitfilm Express Beginner Tutorial pdf

Hitfilm Express pdf

Hitfilm ExpressΒ  Free Download Version Here

Hitfilm Express Software

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