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InVideo Video Editing Tutorial for Beginners :

InVideo is an online video editing software that helps the user to create professional videos with the help of premium templates and preset stocks. This video editor is not free as well but it has a free trial method like most other video editing softwares. It has a content rich library, customisable tablets, frames, audio tools along with social sharing. It is very appropriate for treating small business projects. It is supported on web browsers and it allows you to choose any media file and edit it. It is very easy to use but some say that there are bugs also that make the final project collapse. Still for the reasonable pricing and multiple features users suggest it to give it a sure try for the new learners.

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Process of InVideo

InVideo video editing application is very helpful for the Instagram video makers, ad makers, YouTube intro makers, slideshow makers, and it is also appropriate for happy birthday video, postar promo and memes. In this video editing application you can create video projects by using any format of media file such as stickers, text boxes, images, voice overs and others you can review the edits and finally export the videos once complete. The most amazing thing is that you can create videos in any language up to 15 minutes. After you are done with your editing you can easily export the final project by downloading it and sharing it to your social media account. As it is a cloud based video editing system, you can apply and access all these tools from any device you have but make sure you have a stable internet connection.

Tools of InVideo

All in One Screen recorder and Video Editor – For the small projects it is very useful if you have an All-in-One screen recorder and video editing application. The recorder allows you to use a webcam and simultaneously you can edit your video clippings very fast by using any kind of tools on your timeline.
The Media Library – Compared to any other video editing platform InVideo has a large Media Library that is rich with premium footage and stock. You can even employ new stocks with every plan. You can employ around 300 videos per month, which is more than any other video editing software in number.
Built in Templates – If you have to create any type of visual article, InVideo can be a good option for you as it has plenty of built in templates and effects. This application has almost 100 templates for each topic and each of the templates has plentiful editing options that allow you to customise your own product.
Black Canvas – Sometimes you do not want to use templates and themes for your video projects. In that case you can use your own video with the help of Black Canvas in InVideo. You have to just choose this mode and just after adding the media file you want to edit, this application will allow you to add further images, texts and music as per your choice.
Text to Video – Another extraordinary feature in this video editing software is the process to transform videos from texts. There are more than fifty themes that can be used to form new videos. This tool is a very good option to share a story through short videos.
Extraordinary Support – Last but not the least InVideo provides unbeatable vendor support to its users. If you need any tutorials before you start or you face any kind of difficulties 24/7 customer service will be there for you with the easiest solution. People remark that no other support service is as helpful as InVideo.
Import and Export – We have discussed already that it contains a content rich library that can be easily accessed by the users to import media files with the upload menu. At last when you complete the project editing, click the Export button you see at the top right corner and it will start downloading. After getting the final video downloaded successfully, you can either share your creativity directly on social media or you can get a sharable link for preview.

Pricing of InVideo

This video editing application has a free plan although you cannot export more than 60 videos per month with the free version and that is also with watermarks. If you want to buy the subscription of this software you have to pay $20 per month or $120 annually. If you want to access InVideo unlimitedly you have to pay $30 per month or $360 per annum for premium templates, images, effects and high resolution video exports. Also there is a cheaper version that costs only $10 for each month.
For the users InVideo is not just an extraordinary video editing software but it is much more than that. With this video editing application you can create real time projects and the tools as well the subscription plans are also reasonable and pocket friendly. The preset templates help you to create beautiful projects if you are out of ideas sometimes. Also the huge stock of royalty free background music enhances the beauty of a video project. The interface is simple and the support system is always available. Although sometimes the automatic voice recording option collapses and sounds robotic and some of the inbuilt effects may seem unreal and random, it is no doubt that InVideo is a useful video editing software that anyone can afford.

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