Kinemaster Tutorial for Beginners-Kinemaster for PC or Laptop and Kinemaster App for Android or IOS

Kinemaster Tutorial for Beginners

KineMaster is one of the surprisingly powerful video editing apps especially for mobile devices. We know that most of the useful video editing applications are designed for laptops and desktops and operated on Windows or other operating systems. KineMaster instead serves the demand for editing videos on Android mobile phones and tablets. Although it is a free video editing application, the watermark free version will cost some money. It has a wide range of multiple features and it provides smooth performance but it is true that KineMaster is not appropriate for professional projects. Here we have attached few kinemaster tutorial for beginners, watch entire video and start your own editing by using your phone or lap as well.

Process of KineMaster:

Each time you start working with KineMaster, you will find a landing page with the options with previous edits and the project. As you start editing a new project you can choose the size and the ratio of your project. The editing interface is almost similar to any other video editing applications on Androids. You can also undo or redo your edit and add background music and effects. You will be provided with multiple transitions and effects in the marketplace. After you are completely done with your editing you will be able to export the video or share on social media platforms. The most amazing thing is that you can easily access it from Google play store or App store.

How to Use KineMaster (for Beginners) | How to Edit Videos on Android & iOS By HOWTECH

KineMaster 2020 – Full Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINS!Β  by bai – Apps

Tools of KineMaster:

Multi Layer editing surface – The bottom part of KineMaster’s time is compromised with the timeline. Here you get a huge stock of media,music,templates and photos that you can pick up as per your choice and address adjust effects in your video clipping. The interface is also smooth and attractive. It is very easy to drag and swap clips and layers and then crop and zoom them.
Blending and Chroma key – Another exciting feature in KineMaster is the blending tool that allows you to work on additional layers with fine tuning and colour adjustment. The Chroma key feature can remove the green screen and provide a graphic background that actually helps to define your project.
Reverse tool – You can turn the time span around with the reverse tool that is available in kinemaster. You just have to click on a video clip and then tap the reverse button in the panel on the right side of the timeline. It will automatically rerender your video clipping and when the edit is complete it will play in reverse.
Title graphics – If you want to add text and graphic designs tl your videos, the pre install effects in kinemaster will help you you to add captions to your videos although the graphics the range of graphics are less flexible, this is quite interesting and fascinating in case of video editing applications for Androids. All other softwares do not include tools to add titles often.
Audio effects – KineMaster has an impressive stock of audio clips as well that you can use as your background score in your videos. You can adjust the volume as per your choice or can mix with other audio clips. You can even reduce or increase the bass and sometimes change the voice or record sounds and then add to your video clippings
Backup and share – Another exciting feature in kinemaster is that it safely stores your projects and also so lets you share them directly on social media platforms. The most useful thing in kineMaster is that it has a backup option that restores your masterpieces.
Import and export – When you are completely done with the editing you can export it to your gallery or can share it on social media but you have to export the video first to share it on any other platform. Sometimes the videos take a little longer to be exported successfully and the import option is open to all subscribers and non subscribers.

Pricing of KineMaster:

This application is absolutely free and it needs to be downloaded from the Play Store or App store but the perks subscribers get are the no watermark project and high resolution with rich and premium effect and transitions. It costs around $4.99 for a single month.
Overall this video editing application is one of the best options for the freelancers and the small businesses as it is free or can be accessed with a monthly subscription. Obviously, it cannot replace the Windows editing softwares available in a desktop but it is a smart option for the newbies and the Android users. Also it is appropriate for them who are fond of posting short reels and videos. Thus it genuinely deserves to be tried out once for you.

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