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OpenShot is again an open source and free video editing software started in 2008. It runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. This software is written in C++, PyQt and Python and it is available in 70 languages. It is also available in Portable Apps. There are a number of tutorials that will help you to get accustomed with the software. Both videos and audios are available in different formats in this platform when it comes to the process of exporting and importing files. Here adding Openshot video editor tutorial for beginners and very easy handling software to use in any kind of video editing, just watch our quick embed video to get better understanding and then start your own editing well.

Process of Openshot Video Editor:

OpenShot was basically designed for the learners and casual users. Thus it is very simple and easy to use. It is loaded with numbers of tutorials that help the editors to use its built-in tools. You can trim and slice, animate and enhance your clippings along with adding video or audio effects to them. Like most other video editing software OpenShot also offers other editing tools like adding caption, time effects and visual effects. Also after getting edited the files can be exported in different formats.

OpenShot Video Editor – Tutorial for Beginners in 10 MINUTES! by bai

The Basics (Part 1) | OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial by Jonathan Thomas

The Basics (Part 2) | OpenShot Video Editor Tutorial by Jonathan Thomas

Tools of Openshot Video Editor:

Cross Platform –

OpenShot video editing software is supported by Windows Linux and OS X as well. The surprising thing is that you can save a file in one format but open it even on another. The codecs supported by FFmpeg are used in OpenShot. Thus it can access HEVC, WebM, MP3, Blu-ray, ogv, MPEG4 and even DVD files.

Curve Based Key Frame –

The powerful curve based Key Frame in OpenShot brings the accessibility to the animation. There is an interpolation mode that helps to keep the object linear, curvey, constant or moving by determining the animated values as per the demand.

Unlimited layers –

OpenShot gives you access to its unlimited stock of music, images layers, background, short video clips that you can add to your original source file. The layers are available with transparent real time previews that help you to see the difference. Added audios or images can be edited individually or moved if not appropriate.

3D titles –

There are more than forty vector title templates that are easy to apply and make your project more exciting. The fonts, colours, texts and positions are adjustable like most other video editing softwares. The amazing thing about OpenShot is that it offers options of 3D titles and captions with rendering properties.

Digital video effects –

No videos are now uploaded without special effects and for that every video editing application offers various types of video effects including brightness, hue, gray-scale, gamma and many more. OpenShot is no exception and it’s chroma key gives you the blue screen and green screen options along with other effects.

Import and Export –

Before you start editing you need to select your file and open it in the OpenShot. Then you can arrange and edit those and at last you can export those just by clicking the menu button. You need not worry a bit because it has been discussed above that OpenShot has widely supported formats and it is still developing.

Pricing of Openshot Video Editor:

OpenShot video editing software is absolutely free and it can be downloaded very easily. Still if you want to create an API Cloud with OpenShot you need to pay a very reasonable amount of money per month. The plan starts with only $108 per month with continuous workflow.

Thus OpenShot is another option where you can edit your video and animate it free of cost. The interface system is very user friendly and liked by everyone who uses it. Time frame and other advanced tools are also very simple to apply. Some users complain that it is not that much fast and it takes a lot of time while exporting videos and sometimes crashes in between. Some are dissatisfied with the quality degradation while merging multiple files. In spite of some displeasure, the perks of OpenShot are its simplicity and open source platform that give chances to the novices. So if you are a learner here, OpenShot is a must-try for you. Here we are attaching openshot video editor tutorial pdf formate, just try to download from the following and get understand very well before starting the openshot sfotware.

Download Shotcut Video Editor Tutorial pdf

Openshot pdf

Shotcut Video Editor Free Download Version

OpenShot Video Editor Software

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