Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorial

Photoshop 3D Text Effect Tutorial

In this tutorial, i will teach you how to make best Photoshop 3d text effect tutorial, here in this tutorial i have madeΒ something different way and innovative text style designing. To creating 3d text effect there are many ways in web, i haveΒ seen many tutorial in the online, after i have tried to create something new style of effect of the designΒ in my website, I have done this tutorial with in 9 steps,Β just follow those simple steps as showing the below; Even i have attached project PSD file to consider clearly well, just download this Photoshop 3d text effect psd file in the end of the tutorial.

Step-1: First take the new document in the size of 600X400 px with default 72 dpi, after then just fill the background with gradient orange (#fe9900) and orange red (#de2603) color combination as shown the screen shot image. Go to tool palette and select type tool (T) and then write down any name on the page.


Step-2: Now choose Bevel and Emboss, this bevel and emboss setting worksΒ in great effect to text and gives cool chisel hard and makes better 3d text effect;
Style-Inner Bevel,
Technique-Chisel Hard,
Angle-120 degree,
Altitude-30 degree,
Gloss Contour- Rounded Steps,
Highlight Mode-Screen, Color-White, Opacity-75%,
Shadow Mode-Multiply, Color-Black, Opacity-75%.


Step-3: Now select directly on Contour,change the contour elements into Ring Double, keep Range-10%.


Step-4: Now choose Inner Shadow and change the following setting as follows;
Blend Mode-Color Dodge, Color- Black,


Step-5: Take Inner Glow, This step gives cool black color glowing inside the text as well;
Blend Mode-Normal,
Contour-Linear (default element)


Step-6:Β Now select Color Overlay, it works very partially on the text so you can skip this step as well or follow if like as shown the screen shot image.


Step-7: Skip this step in your practise, no need this step, suppose if you want to display partially any texture effect on the text then choose any pattern what do you like to display on the text and make sure to keep more than 5%, don’t Β make it 0%, Β once you keep more than 5% then probably can see that applied pattern texture on the text.


Step-8: Choose Outer GlowΒ and change the values as follows;
Blend Mode-Normal,


Step-9: Choose Drop Shadow, here this drop shadow also works in different kind of shadow effect, just change the setting and see how does it gives amazing looks in your making 3d text effect.


Thanks for reading this tutorial, visit regular to get more tricks and tips.


Download PSD

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