Animated Snowfall In Photoshop Cs6

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to make animated snowfall, just simple ways I will share this tutorial with you. First you need to take best snow image as shown my reference tutorial image, I have took this best image from google for learning purposes , search yourself and select best image to use for snow fall gif animation. This is very simple tutorial and nice realistic snow falling animation. Just follow our steps as shown.

Animated Snowfall In Photoshop
Animated Snowfall In Photoshop
  • First got to tool palette and choose foreground color black, background color white , these two color combination is common default colors, just simply press “D” for this default color filling and then take new layer (press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+N in the key) and fill it with black color by the help of paint bucket tool (G key), and after go to filter Menu>Noise>Add Noise and set amount according as you want and also select Gaussian & click Monochromatic.Animated-Snowfall-In-Photoshop-2
  • Now we have to apply palette knife effect and also adjuce the value as shown below image, first go to filter>Filter Gallery> choose Palette knife and now adjust the following setting.Animated-Snowfall-In-Photoshop-4
  • Now change the blend mode effect to the same layer into Lighter color, after your image should be as shown following imageAnimated-Snowfall-In-Photoshop-3
  • Duplicate the final snow effected layer, just Press Ctrl+J and flip into horizontal, again duplicate the layer and flip it vertical then you have totally three different effected snow layer images.Animated-Snowfall-In-Photoshop-5
  • Go to window and choose animation, set three different snow layer with separate frames as shown the below image and then change the time setting 0.2 sec and change loop into forever, play it now it comes amazing snow falling animation  that’s it…Animated-Snowfall-In-Photoshop-6
  • Final snow animation effect has completed just try it yourself and enjoy…Animated Snowfall In Photoshop

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